What is digital media production management consultancy you may ask? We hear that a lot, and not just because it is a mouthful to say, but also because it is a very new and specific service offering. In short, we help organisations to plan and structure for organisational digitisation in a proactive and auspicious manner. Our approach is capabilities focused; as you cannot, buy, rent, or even steal all of the skill-sets required to manage always-on real-time customer relationships; organisations need to develop the majority of these skills from within internally maintained resource.

Organisational digitisation is all about the bringing together of disparate capabilities and functional business units in an orchestrated fashion, to facilitate the real-time business intelligence, management, and programme level strategy required to manage always-on customer relationships.

For all the organisations that get this configuration correct, only the earliest will earn tremendous advantage; but embracing organisational digitisation also means a fundamental shift in business approach, and a move towards completely customer centric models of business, operations, and innovation.

All of this change is happening at the same time as a massive skills gap, in a tech world where enterprise no longer rules, populated by often confusing, overlapping, but yet unconnected service offerings; and all existing within a dramatically uncertain economic landscape. With all of these factors destined to decide your organisations operational future, it is imperative that your organisation starts to invest today’s departmental, and not just digital, budgets in a much more proactive and strategically sustainable manner.

We believe that understanding the production management element of the digital jigsaw is the key to managing and facilitating all the other elements; and ultimately, crucial to the realisation of your organisations digital future.